Project Shaka offers programs to Activate Aloha!

Shaka Film

Learn the Shaka’s origin, meanings and inspiring uses through this feature-length documentary. See »

Shaka Stickers

Get FREE Shaka Stickers for your phone, water bottle, car or board. Stickers are transparent and waterproof. Contact Us »

Free Shaka Stickers

Shaka Curriculum

Commission Shaka-based curriculum or use existing curriculum at Amazon and online at BizzyB. See Curriculum »


Custom sessions for visioning, leader training, team-building & corporate social responsibility to activate aloha. Contact Us »

Shaka Awards

Shaka Monuments

Build a legacy in your town to foster hope, inspiration and connection through sharing the Aloha Spirit. See Monuments »

HI License Plate

Join the waiting list for an Official Hawai’i State DMV Shaka license plate. This program will support Project Shaka. See HI Plates »

Hawaii DMV License Plate

Ambassador Kits

Become a Shaka Ambassador to to share the Aloha Spirit. Ambassador kits include pin, stickers & info card. Contact Us »

Shaka Ambassador Kit

Donation Jars

Support Project Shaka by displaying a Donation Jar at your store, office, or place of business. Donation Jars »

Shaka Donation Jar

Co-Brand Products

Add our brand to your products to show your support. See Co-Branding »

Project Shaka Co-Branding Products



Project Shaka is a nonprofit movement to activate aloha around the world.

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