Project Shaka is a set of programs dedicated to making the world a better place through sharing the Shaka. Key programs include:

Shaka Film

Project Shaka grew out of a documentary film entitled, “Shaka, A Story of Aloha.” See trailer below or learn more at ShakaFilm.com »

Free Shaka Stickers

Free stickers for anyone to share the Shaka. Includes Ambassadors Program for those interested in taking a leading role.

Free Shaka Stickers

Shaka Plates

Official Hawai’i State DMV Shaka license plates. A nonprofit program that supports Project Shaka. See HI Plates »

Shaka Vehicle License Plate

Shaka Monument

We are seeking a key visitor location in Waikiki for the first “Share a Shaka” monument. Other locations may follow.

Shaka Emoji

We have applied for an official Shaka Emoji. the “Call Me” emoji is at a stiff right angle which is unnatural to the Shaka gesture.

Shaka Emoji  |  Project Shaka, Bizgenics

Shaka Contest

The final shooting scene for the Shaka film, and positioned to become an annual festival event.

ShakaCon 2022

Shaka Summit

Thought leader panels on applying the Shaka to benefit the community and solve problems. See Shaka Summit »

Shaka Summit

Shaka Curriculum

Implemented at Youth Services Center, Honolulu and available in print at Amazon and online at BizzyB. See Curriculum »

Shaka Scholarships

Proceeds from Project Shaka programs will fund education scholarships for student who exemplify the Shaka Spirit.

Shaka Awards

Hawai‘i Public Radio Interview

Listen to “Shaka, A Story of Aloha” producer Steve Sue on HPR’s “The Conversation” Radio Interview »

Project Shaka is a program of Hawaii-based 501(C)(3) nonprofit Bizgenics »

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