“The world will look to Hawai’i for the answer to peace… because Hawai’i has the secret… and that secret is aloha…”

~ Aunty Pilahi Paki

In 1986, a year after Aunty Pilahi’s passing, the State of Hawai’i enacted The Aloha Spirit Law that memorialized Aunty’s definition of aloha and requires State of Hawai’i residents to share aloha. While the law proves impossible to enforce, Project Shaka seeks to uphold the concept through leveraging the Shaka as a tool to share and activate aloha.

As a movement, Project Shaka was premised and anchored by our film, “Shaka, A Story of Aloha,” a feature-length documentary on the origin, meanings and uses of the Shaka. The story shows that Hawai’i was not paradise. It was rough. It was tough. Resources were limited. But through the philosophy of aloha, paradise was built from grit, determination, cooperation and unity.

Those equipped with the Shaka story will become emotionally connected with the deeper concepts of aloha and know how to apply Hawaiian concepts of being pono, fostering aloha ’aina and sharing aloha to solve today’s weighty issue and build paradise anywhere in the world. 

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Project Shaka and “Shaka, A Story of Aloha” are produced by ID8 (ide•ate), a Hawaii-based 501C3 nonprofit organization. See id8.org



Aloha through the Shaka