Shaka Monuments

Activate aloha by building a “Share a Shaka” monument in your community. See this computer graphic animation:

Project benefits include:

    • Funders will enjoy being part of a timeless legacy.
    • Visitors will enjoy an epic selfie photo opportunity.
    • Communities can frame their location through this monument.
    • A production/installation program for the bronze cast version is available or you can partner with us to express the design in your local style.
Design Intent

“Share a Shaka” is designed to inspire, bring hope and unite people through sharing the aloha spirit. Key elements of the design include:

  • An “Aloha ’aina” Frame: The monument is a frame that honors the location (land or sea) beyond. It’s actually an “un-monument” that’s counter to the tradition of monuments as barrier backdrops.
  • Iconic & Timeless: The design is a genre-neutral, pure expression of the Shaka gesture that serves an asset to stand the test of time.
  • An Interactive Experience: Most publix space design standards call for interactive experiences. “Share a Shaka” is designed as an ideal photo opportunity for both visitors and locals.
  • Bronze Casting: A bronze foundry has been set up to cast, ship and install “Share a Shaka” monuments (including base, footings and dedication plaque). Bronze is available in a variety of colors and finishes.
  • Custom Versions: Communities also have the option to collaborate with us to express the design in a version of their own local style. This may be an applied motif or graphic design to the surface of a bronze version, or contructing the monument using materials/processes of your choice. Trademark rights to the design will be extended to you upon the approval of your custom design. 
  • 8′ Tall: The recommended size of the monument is 8′ tall (not including the base) as this height is ideal as a background for selfie photos. This height makes climbing on it difficult and is a maximum size for a bronze casting that can ship in one piece in a cargo container.

Maintenance issues addressed by the design include:

  • Vandal Resistant: Minimal surface area minimizes the threat of graffiti. Placing the monument in a highly public location will also reduce the threat of vandalism.
  • Bird Resistant: Birds don’t like bright or hot objects, thus reflective metal such as bronze, installed in a sunny location, minimizes the threat of birds.
  • Climbing Resistant: Height (8′ tall), shape, rounded edges and surface slickness discourage climbing. In the sun, the monument will conduct heat, making it uncomfortable to touch. A raised footing with surrounding shrubbery discourages viewers from getting close to the monument.
The Artist

Steve Sue is the creator of the “Share a Shaka” monument, designer of the Project Shaka logo and is the world’s leading expert on the Shaka gesture as the writer/producer of the film, “Shaka, A Story of Aloha.” He’s also the Founder/Chairman of ID8 (ide•ate), the Hawaii-based 501C3 nonprofit that produces Project Shaka and is a partner at SaaS International, a business consultancy. Prior to ID8, Steve was a conceptual designer of global reach in live entertainment, casino-resort, theme park, foodservice, retail and corporate branding. His conceptual work was so well known that AutoDesk licensed his hand-drawing style for use in AutoCAD products. He holds degrees from UCLA (BA Design, glass sculpture & computer graphics) and UC Berkeley (JD Law).



Aloha through the Shaka