Shaka Plates

Shaka Plates are now available on all Hawaiian islands through the DMV program that offers the option to support one of 15 Hawai’i nonprofits. First year registration fee is $30.50 and subsequent years thereafter are $25/year, of which $20 of each yearʻs fees go directly to the selected nonprofit. To register, bring your current vehicle plates and registration to any DMV for immediate over-the-counter exchange for Shaka Plates.

Shaka License Plates


Visit any Hawai’i Satellite City Hall / DMV on any Hawaiian island and bring the following:

    1. Application: Complete form CS-L(MVR)211. Download »
    2. Screwdriver: Upon arrival at the DMV, remove your existing license plates.
    3. Vehicle Certificate of Registration. 
    4. Photo ID.
    5. Initial Fee $30.50: Payable by CC, check or cash. Subsequent renewal fee of $25/year will be added to vehicle registration fees.
    6. Install New Plates: DMV will immediately issue new Shaka Plates & Certificate of Registration.


Where do the registration fees go?

Shaka Plates are part of the State of Hawai’i Nonprofit Plates Program. Each year, $20 of every Shaka plate fee goes to the associated 501C3 nonprofit, in this case, ID8, a Honolulu nonprofit dedicated to fostering ideation and expression that result in positive impacts. ID8 is the producer of the educational documentary, “Shaka, A Story of Aloha” and other Project Shaka programs as defined in this website.

Can I choose Shaka Plate characters?

No. There is no vanity plate option and characters are random. 

Can EV (Electric Vehicle) plates be exchanged?

Yes. EV plates can be exchanged for Shaka Plates, but Shaka Plate do not show “EV” thus Act 168 EV exemptions for parking meter exemptions and HOV lane use do not apply. See EV laws here »

Can I support multiple nonprofits?

No. For example, if you currently have a Veteranʻs Plate and also want to support the Shaka Plate, youʻll have to choose betwen one of the other.

Are new vehicles eligible?

Yes. New vehicles with temporary paper plates, bring the paper plates to exchange for Shaka Plates.

Are financed vehicles eligible?


Are motorcycles eligible?

No. Motorcycles are not eligible for this program due to limited space on plates.

Program Backstory

The Shaka License Plate Program is the culmination of a 2-year review process that encompassed all Counties and all Sheriff Offices within the State of Hawai’i agreeing to the program. The process was bird-dogged by Steve Sue, ID8 Chairperson and producer/writer of “Shaka, A Story of Aloha.” Through the production of the film, Sue realized that the Shaka can be used to reduce road rage and increase aloha spirit. DMV reported that such programs are so difficult to get passed that they had to rebuild the submission program as no other nonprofit had submitted for the program in over 6 years prior to the Shaka/ID8 submission.

Use of Funds

Funds donated to ID8, a Honolulu-based 501C3 nonprofit, will be used to carry out its mission of fostering ideation and expression to create positive impacts such as through sharing aloha through Shaka-based programs. For program information, see



Aloha through the Shaka