New bill would make the ‘shaka’ an official state gesture

January 25, 2024
| Reported by Alina Lee
HONOLULU (KHON2) — The story of aloha starts with a shaka! A newly introduced bill is looking to make the shaka an official state gesture.

“The spirit of aloha is embodied in this particular gesture,” stated Sen. Glenn Wakai. ” It just adds to the allure and the mystique of Hawaii.”

The bill aims to share the pride of Hawaii by claiming the shaka. State officials believe Hawaii would be the first to officialize a state gesture if the bill passes.

“It’s one of the symbols that truly separate us from anywhere else across the world,” stated Rep. Darius Kila.

A documentary being made in support of the bill will go back 110 years to when the shaka was first believed to have been used. ID8 nonprofit Chairperson, Steve Sue, has been researching the shaka for the past five years for the film.

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