Project Shaka offers co-branding & tax deductible sponsorships

Shaka Film

Sponsor the production or airings of “Shaka, A Story of Aloha.” See trailer below or learn more at ShakaFilm.com »

Shaka Monument

Sponsor Hawai‘i or sister city locations. Can be installed at public or private locations. Learn more at: Monument »

Co-Brand Products

Add our brand to your products to show your support. See Co-Branding »

Project Shaka Co-Branding Products

Shaka Stickers

Join us by commissioning and distributing Free Shaka Stickers through your influence channels. Contact Us »

Free Shaka Stickers

Shaka Curriculum

Commission Shaka-based curriculum or use existing curriculum at Amazon and online at BizzyB. See Curriculum »

Shaka Scholarships

Join our Project Shaka Educational Fund to provide scholarships to students who exemplify the Shaka Spirit. Contact Us »

Shaka Awards

Project Shaka is a program of Hawaii-based 501(C)(3) nonprofit Bizgenics »

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